Atelier Stella Show Clothing

From the deepest inside of my heart, i am dedicated to make the highest quality Western Show Clothing in the business. It can take weeks, or month to make sketches, cut leather all by hand and sew on hundreds of Genuine Swarovski on every piece. We don´t make a high volume of outfits, just to think about a new design or color combination can take weeks or month, to make sure they are as uniqe as possible. Our Jackets are true Handmade, with only highest quality of materials. All starts with a blank page, searching for materials and colors, to create the most unique designs possible. To make you feel the best, the most unique, to shine and sparkle in the Show and help to make it the time of your life. I truly love what i do and feel blessed every day, to be able to create. Seeing pictures of my smiling customers gives me goosebumps every time, that´s the most i can acomplish. Thank you so much for all the love and support, yours Stella!


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